Virginia Hunting Reports

Your Virginia Bear Hunting Experience

In Virginia, black bears are hunted using various methods such as bowhunting and firearms, depending on the season and location. It's essential to understand to learn as much about Virginia Bear hunting as possible before planning your bear hunt. Our expert team provides detailed information regarding specific tips and tricks and also guides that can assist during the hunt. Additionally, we provide useful information when it comes to tracking bears successfully and staying safe while out in the woods. We also offer updates regarding any changes or updates to regulations that may occur throughout the season so that you can stay informed at all times.

We get these questions a lot, Can you hunt bears in Virginia? Does Virginia have a lot of bears? What caliber is best for bear hunting? Yes bear hunting in Virginia is excellent, Virginia hosts a really healthy population of American Black Bear, this is in part owed to Virginia's mountainous topography and densely wooded areas. When it comes to picking the right ammunition and firearm for hunting American Black Bears in Virginia we always recommend choosing . 30-06. You will need something that packs a good punch to take down these big bears.

Black Bears can be hard to track especially in the challenging terrain presented by the Virginia mountains. For this reason our trips are 6 days long, this will give hunters the best opportunity possible to harvest a Bear. We offer lodging on our hunting trips as well so you can stay near the hunting grounds to maximize your time on the hunt.

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