Virginia Animal Species

Common Questions About Bear Hunting In Virginia

What month is best to hunt bear?

The best time to hunt bear in Virginia starts in October, when bears are getting ready to lay down for the winter is when they are most active, as scavengers they will feed heavily on berries, and small to medium sized game. This time of year is also when they peak in size as well as they try to pack on calories prior to winter time when food is more scarce.

Is bear hunting better in the morning or evening?

Generally speaking the best time to hunt Bear is in the early morning or evening, however hunters will notice that in the fall bears are fairly active for most of the day.

What kind of animals can you find in Virginia?

In Virginia, you can find a variety of wildlife including white-tailed deer, black bears, wild turkeys, and various waterfowl. Killer Outfitting specializes in providing guided hunts for these animals, offering expert knowledge and an immersive experience in Virginia's rich natural habitats.